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Creative Design prefers to focus its efforts where it really counts. In this age of the internet, we choose to design web sites that will be found, used and produce results. We take your content that you want to see on your web site and "tweak" it in such a way that it will be noticed by search engines and the users that you want to attract. We take your ideas and use our experience to introduce techniques that make your web site work. It's not just another pretty page on the internet. It's the difference between just having a web site and doing business with your web site. A word about search engine placement: Creative Design has researched and performed many hours of our own studies to determine techniques to get your web site noticed by the search engines. Creative Design can get you placed at or near the top of the list with the key words that people use when looking for your business. How do we do this? It took us years of research, and it's our secret. We're not telling any more than that!

Web Site Development

Creative Design lives up to its name when developing your web site. You will get a pleasant and creative look to your web site and at the same time will get a product that is effective and productive. We will help you and advise you as to what to include on your web site, and what to avoid.

Hosting and Domain Names

We can arrange hosting your web site on reliable and effective internet servers. We will also secure and maintain your domain name. Nothing can put you into more of a panic than to go to your web site and find that it is not there. You have forgotten to renew your domain name and someone else has picked it up. Of course they would be glad to sell it back to you for 100 times the going price. Creative Design will automatically renew your hosting and domain name for you without fail.

Custom Software

Creative Design can do what most web site designers cannot. We have years of experience in software development. You may want to read a little about our history below. A computer looks nice, but cannot do anything without the right software. These days, you have a choice of many good software packages that will make your computer do all of the typical jobs that you want. But when you can't find software to do your specialized computer work for your needs, Creative Design has the knowledge, experience and skills to develop software for your special needs. We also use this experience in our web site design. We can write customized code that makes your web site work for you.


Creative Design has been in business since 1977. At that time, there were very few computers in homes and school classrooms. Small businesses were just beginning to discover the microcomputer, usually an Apple II, as a tool. The need at that time was for businesses to know how to best use their computer, to train their staff, and to find software that would do what they needed. This is how Creative Design began.

It was known about the community that Don Beaty, founder and owner of Creative Design, was knowledgeable and skilled with computers and he began getting calls for help. The calls were so frequent that he decided to make it official and hang out the Creative Design shingle. So as the demand determined, Creative Design offered computer system consulting, staff training and custom designed software.

In those early years there was not a lot of off-the-shelf software available. Creative Design developed many custom software packages such that businesses and schools could make their computers do what they wanted them to do. Creative Design created software to make computers work for everyone; from software to track nursing home patients and software to manage swim meets to scientific interface software helping a new company specializing in laboratory information management to quickly grow into a million dollar business.

As the community and the country's computer needs changed, so did Creative Design. We grew up from the beginning of the age of the personal computer. So now the focus is on the internet and web design, and with its experience and attention to new ideas, Creative Design has become a leader in this current internet frenzy. Creative Design takes pride in its unique design and maintenance of its web sites. Through careful research, Creative Design has developed effective techniques for creating a pleasing and effective web site, one that generates customers and ultimately achieves your goals for your web site. With Creative Design you are sure to see the difference between just having a web site on the internet and doing business on the internet.

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